Theobroma, the “Food of the Gods”

January 7, 2017By Jessica No Comments

This bizarre tree produces one of the the most important ingredients available to those hoping to heal cracked hands and lips. Do you know what it is??? If you guessed squash, carrots, or bananas, then you might be onto something new… who knows, maybe mashed bananas would be great for cracked skin? But sadly, you … Read More

Kiss Goodbye Petroleum Based Lip Balm

November 27, 2015By Becca Larkin No Comments

As the buyer for Beauty Full Day, our products and (their ingredients!) are my passion. I joke that our pretty ingredient lists need to be framed on my wall alongside my kiddo’s pictures. I think my husband would just laugh if I followed through on this one! Maybe I should 😉 The world is slowly … Read More

Blaine Festival June 26-28, 2015

June 27, 2015By Carlos No Comments

Blaine Festival, Friday 6/26-Sunday 6/28 Minnesota Friends – Come visit Beauty Full Day at the Blaine Festival this weekend at Aquatore Park where our booth is right across from Big Dipper ice cream…yum! We’ll have our all natural line up of SWAT Force insect repellent, Butterfly Kisses itch relief, Healing Honey Lip Balm and Name … Read More

About Beauty Full Day LLC

June 26, 2015By Becca Larkin No Comments

Beauty Full Day Full of Beauty, Free from Blech!   These days, being choosy about what ingredients go into our food is super common. Back when I was a kid someone might ask you if you want to eat a muffin, but these days we’ve upped our expectations….we’re asked if we’d like to eat a … Read More