This bizarre tree produces one of the the most important ingredients available to those hoping to heal cracked hands and lips. Do you know what it is???

If you guessed squash, carrots, or bananas, then you might be onto something new... who knows, maybe mashed bananas would be great for cracked skin? But sadly, you would not have passed the pop quiz... the correct answer is chocolate, or "Cocoa Butter," to be more specific.

That's right-- chocolate is not only amazingly delicious, but it's also amazingly healing for cracked knuckles and chapped lips! That's why I use unrefined organic cocoa butter as the main ingredient in Honey Balm (for lips) and Thick Skin (for cheeks, hands, and feet).



Stay tuned these next few days and I'll be posting more about cocoa butter, and the amazing little cocoa tree!










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