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These days, being choosy about what ingredients go into our food is super common. Back when I was a kid someone might ask you if you want to eat a muffin, but these days we’ve upped our expectations….we’re asked if we’d like to eat a fresh baked, gluten free muffin made only with fresh local cage free blue berries. Lol….ok, that last bit was just to make you giggle but we are what we eat right??

Why is it then, we aren’t as selective about the products we slather onto our skin?

This question and a LOT of research into natural ingredients is what began the Beauty Full Day body care line. We are proud to introduce you to our shiny new product list which was developed using some of the most effective natural ingredients out there. We have worked hard to create products we feel warm and fuzzy about giving to our families…EVEN our kids who it have gone and grown up on us in a hurry…(sniff!) Speaking of sniff, our latest sniff check has revealed we now need to start purchasing deodorant for our kiddos! Breathe easy, we have an aluminum free deodorant in our line up!


SWAT Force – Defense against creepy crawlies (and creepy chemicals). Ward off the most notorious villain of them all…(dun, dun, dunnn) mosquitoes! SWAT Force is packed full of crime fighting natural essential oils like Citronella, Cederwood, Lavender, Lemongrass & Peppermint. Save the day by keeping bugs at bay! No artificial anything, no pesky additions found in your average bug spray like DEET*, Ethanol, Butane, Propane and Isobutane. Ingredients are Non-GMO. *Why DEET is scary…Did you know that even manufacturers of DEET recommend application to clothing not your skin?

Butterfly Kisses – Ahhhh… dramatic itch relief so powerful it will come to the rescue next time itchiness steals your limelight. The award winning cast of natural ingredients are non-GMO and feature aloe, honey and essential oils like lavender, tea tree and chamomile. No villainous ingredient list and no artificial anything.

Deodorant – Embrace your right to bare arms with a natural deodorant that will keep you smelling great without troubling ingredients like aluminum oxide and synthetic preservatives. Available in Sport or Herbal Fresh. No artificial anything. Ingredients are Non-GMO. Available in Sport & Herbal Fresh

It’s Powder, Baby! – Our all natural, talc free body powder is as versatile as duct tape! It’s great as a dry shampoo; prevents skin chafing and helps wipe off beach sand. Even tough jobs like freshening up your pair of smelly sneakers won’t make this Body Powder break a sweat! We left out the stuff found in your average baby powder pediatricians warn against. (Talc, Artificial Fragrance and Petroleum Chemicals). Instead we used all natural, Tapioca and non-GMO Corn Starch.

Healing Honey Lip Balm – Lip moisture with staying power! Soothe your lips with a lip balm, packed full of wholesome ingredients that won’t just mask your dry lips but actually moisturize them! No artificial anything, including pesky additions found in your average lip balm like artificial colors, flavors or fragrance. Ingredients are Non-GMO, free from alcohol, petroleum chemicals, paraben, dimethicone, lanolin and BHT (butylated hydroxytoluene). Available in Natural, Well-Mannered Mint, Honey Lemonade, & Faerie Dust.

Name that Sunblock – Put it where the sun does shine! You’ll fall in love with this all-natural water resistant sunblock featuring a wholesome team of ingredients you can proudly introduce to your friends and family. The ingredient list features lots of your mutual friends including sunflower seed oil, aloe, coconut oil and natural sun protectors like zinc oxide, myrrh gum resin and raspberry seed oil. This non-toxic sunblock is clearly second date material and has been known to enjoy long walks on the beach and sunny picnics! No artificial anything, no isobutan or retinyl to toy with your emotions. Ingredients are Non-GMO.



P.S. Help us name our sunblock by sending us your suggestion! The winner will score a VIP Fun in the Sun goodie bag including the first bottle of our newly named Sunblock, the first bottle of our soon to be available after sun product and serious bragging rights of course!

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